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CNC Laser Cutters & Routers

Our laser cutting machines include a Multi Cam 2000 (3m x 2m) and a Senfeng 1610 (1.6m x 1m) which can cut as well as etch / engrave in a variety of materials. Lasercutting can produce complex shapes with consistent accuracy, therefore removing the need for further processes. It is the most cost effective method as there are no tooling costs involved and minimal wastage. 

GBL's routing machines included a brand new TekCel EXR 2m x 3m system, two TekCel E series 3000mm x 2000mm & one TekCel V series 2440 x 1220mm CNC routers. These machines can cut or engrave a wide range of materials e.g Acrylics, MDF, Timber, PETG, Polycarbonate etc.

3D Printing

The biggest benefit of 3D printing is speed of manufacture. 

Our 3D printing machines can print to a resolution of 300 x 450 dpi with a minimum feature size of 0.016 inches (0.4mm) with 64 colours. Max build size of 9.3 x 7.3 x 5 inches (236 x 185 x 127mm) using high performance: composite material with a layer thickness 0.004 inches (0.1mm).

3D printing is always a great alternative to expensive and time consuming mould tools for injection moulding. 

If you have either proto-typing or low volume production run requirements, this process is a much more cost effective solution whilst giving great results.


Diamond Polishing​

We have two Bermaq diamond polishing machines which are able to produce high quality polished edges for a perfect finish every time. We are also able to diamond polish bevel edges as the machine head can be tilted, which many of our competitors are unable to achieve.

Our machine has 1400mm and the other has 2200mm material capacity. 


UV Bonding

UV bonding gives the perfect jointing solution with the best transparency to give that premium look. 

When it comes to display cases and stands which require the perfect seamless finish, UV bonding is the chosen solution. 

Vac Forming

Our Vac Forming machine has a bed size of 1000mm x 780mm, so is able to vac form quite large components. With tooling facilities on the premises, our in-house vac forming offers a fast and effective service for small to large production runs. 

This enables us to deliver high quality bespoke items where speed is critical. 

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